Projects and licenses

ITWM offers services with 3D-GRT. Projects are executed on ITWM’s computers.

Client provides arbitrarily sorted/unsorted 3D data without any correction of geometrical spreading. Traces must have source/receiver coordinates set. Client gets migrated true-amplitude angle gathers, a stack of the gathers, and a processing report.

ITWM offers new clients to order introductory projects that aim at demonstrating GRT’s benefit to the clients' data. In these projects, target-oriented migration to one line will be executed using 3D data input.

In case of ordering a subsequent full-volume migration, the price for the target-oriented migration will be credited.


  • Full volume migration: price per km² input data

    • Surcharges for TTI velocity models and migration to very large depths

  • 3D migration to 2D output: lumpsum

The GRT-software can be licensed to clients. Although the usage of the software is straightforward, it is recommended to ask for training courses to learn how to exploit GRT’s several additional options.

Actual prices are available upon request (see Contact).